Posted: 6 October 2010

Umbro launch first in football table technology with the new stadium table

The authentic football brand Umbro has launched their first electronic football table. The new table, currently only available in the UK, is the first electronic table with unique design features to mimic the look and feel of football stadiums.

The new Stadium Football Table from Umbro is the first of its kind into the UK market. Launched into retail this July the new table combines style, technology and classic game play. Designed with the football fanatic in mind the table replicates the look and feel of modern day football stadiums.

Traditional football tables have lacked style and design while new football stadiums are becoming increasingly architectural in design and feel. The Umbro Stadium Table brings together modern stadium design and game play in one.

Unique product features include automatic score recorder with LED score display, stadium leg design and LED flood lights. Players are fully clad in matching red or blue strips with coordinating soft-grip handles. The automatic score recorder and display keeps track of the game whilst banked corners keep the game in motion. Four player rods on each side control the team of 11 players and provide full pitch coverage.

Design and game play are the basis of the Umbro stadium table; it’s great fun to play and makes an active alternative to the solitary experience of computer games. The table’s graphics are designed to create atmosphere and team spirit with coordinating Umbro advertising boards and crowd scenes, bringing a heightened sense of drama and excitement to the game.

For many football fans table football is synonymous with youth and brings back cherished memories of playing the game against friends, its popularity reflects the passion and love that millions of people share for ‘the beautiful game’ of football. Umbro is the ultimate football brand, re-discovering the passion and spirit of the game to take it back to the people, the fans.

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